Health Tips for the Sun Soaker


While sun exposure has the benefits of boosting your body’s vitamin D production and making you feel relaxed, overdoing it can be harmful. Thankfully, there are ways to protect yourself from the dangers of sun and heat exposure while still enjoying your summer at the beach.

How To Combat Eye Fatigue

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All those hours in front of a screen can lead to eye fatigue, eye strain, headaches, and even disrupted sleep as blue light affects your natural circadian rhythm. Learn some ways to reduce eye fatigue when working from home and some quick eye care tips and supplements to support healthy vision.

Best Supplements for Joint Health

Best Supplements blog

As we respect physical distancing measures, it is crucial to find ways to support our bodies and our quality of life. You might also consider the benefits of natural health products to support healthy joints as research has shown that a number of supplements help reduce joint pain and inflammation.

Key Supplements for Men’s Health

NF Men's Health

A movement toward healthy aging and prevention of disease requires all men to follow some very important steps, such as incorporating regular checkups and screening tests for early disease detection, consuming a nutritious diet, engaging in fitness activities, supplementing with key nutrients, eliminating or minimizing smoking and alcohol use, & integrating stress reduction techniques.

Meet Jennifer Brix, Naturopathic Doctor

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This week, across Canada, it is Naturopathic Medicine Week! We are lucky to have amazing naturopathic doctors as part of our Natural Factors team. You may have read their blogs, seen them on social media, or even met them at one of the many community events they participate in.