Award Winning Whole Earth & Sea Line of Natural Health Supplements

Vitamin Retailer Magazine has chosen the Whole Earth & Sea line as one of its Top 10 products of 2014.

Winners are chosen through research on thousands of press releases with emphasis put on innovation and high quality. Retailers were asked to recommend nominees on 2014’s best new offerings of which Whole Earth & Sea was picked.

The Whole Earth & Sea line by Natural Factors includes five multivitamin and mineral supplements:

  1. Women’s
  2. Women’s 50+
  3. Men’s
  4. Men’s 50+
  5. Bone Structure

The line includes Farm Fresh Factors, a concentrated source of vegetables, cruciferous vegetables, whole-fruit ultra polyphenols, herbs, plants and whole-plant sea vegetables, as well as sunflower for vitamin E, sprouted garlic for selenium, algae for calcium and lichen for vegan vitamin D3.

Certified organic and GMO-free, Whole Earth & Sea uses the EnviroSimplex system to extract bioenergetics vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients, and antioxidants.

The line also includes Herring Gold and Organic Vegan Greens Protein Bars, which provide the body with omega-3 phospholipids, DHA and EPA, choline and astaxanthin. The on-the-go snack comes in a variety of flavors, contains 15 grams of protein and is gluten free.

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