Blood-Sugar Balancing Tips from Dr. Kate Rhéaume

Reducing the degree of blood sugar fluctuation may help us make wiser decisions.

In this 1 minute video, Dr. Kate Rhéaume, N.D. explains that according to a recent study, participants that had lower blood sugar were more likely to opt for a small sum of money immediately. While those who didn’t have low blood sugar opted to receive a larger sum at a later date. The results indicate that when we have more energy available to our brain, we tend to make more rational and future-oriented decisions.

Dr. Kate Rhéaume, N.D. provides blood-sugar-balancing tips such as;

  • Eat a healthy breakfast
  • Don’t skip meals
  • Avoid white flour & sugar
  • Enjoy some protein with each meal
  • Eat lots of soluble fibre

Check out the video below to learn more from Dr. Kate Rhéaume, N.D.