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Key Supplements for Men’s Health

A movement toward healthy aging and prevention of disease requires all men to follow some very important steps, such as incorporating regular checkups and screening tests for early disease detection, consuming a nutritious diet, engaging in fitness activities, supplementing with key nutrients, eliminating or minimizing smoking and alcohol use, & integrating stress reduction techniques.

Intensive Strength Enzyme Formulas

Indigestion affects nearly one third of North Americans today. Natural Factors has created a line of premium digestive enzyme supplements to help target your specific dietary needs.

Women’s Health Show 2019

Natural Factors is thrilled to announce the return of our FREE Women’s Health Show taking place throughout Vancouver during the last week of March.

Optimizing Your Winter Workout – Outdoors!

There are so many benefits to exercising outdoors in the winter cold! Outside air is generally healthier than that of the great indoors. Heading outside for your workout can immediately provide the body with fresh oxygen and relief from indoor germs.

Daylight Saving Tips

With the change of season to autumn comes the end of Daylight Saving Time and increased hours of darkness. The cyclical changes of springing forward and falling back to adjust to Daylight Saving Time can be a challenge for many.

Computers are not magic boxes!

In today’s world, computers are everywhere. While most of us know how to use them for basic functions, there are still many people who are intimidated by the growing use of technology. Gary insists that coding is about more than being a programmer. He expresses that it’s about logical thinking.

Taking Cardiovascular Health to Heart

Heart disease is a major problem and the statistics are concerning. Every 7 minutes, someone dies from heart disease or stroke in Canada, which are two of the three leading causes of death in this country.

Our Best Articles of 2017

It’s been a great year for natural health. As we head in to 2018, it’s often a healthy (and fun) exercise to take a look back on what you’ve learned in the past year. In the spirit of reflection, we present our most-read blog posts of 2017. More…

We Won the CHFA Supplier of Excellence Award

On May 14, 2016, Natural Factors was presented with the Supplier of Excellence Award from the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA). A supplier of excellence – what an honour! But what does this designation mean to us? Superior Product Quality First and foremost, it is recognition of our fierce, 50 year-long dedication to creating and more…