Celebrating a Year of Green Fuel with Bullfrog Power

Celebrating a year of green fuel with Bullfrog Power

On March 11, 2021, Natural Factors took a big sustainability step: to choose green fuel from Bullfrog Power for our transport trucks and farm equipment. Last year, we avoided 63 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. That’s like taking 14 cars off the road for a year!

We’re proud to be shrinking our carbon footprint and helping to green Canada’s energy systems, and we want to share how green fuel works, why we choose it, and what’s next on our sustainability journey.

How does Bullfrog Power’s green fuel work?

Bullfrog Power is Canada’s leading green energy provider. Their green fuel is a renewable alternative that emits at least 85% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than conventional fuel. To make green fuel, Bullfrog’s producers repurpose waste streams from food and feed manufacturing, as well as post-consumer cooking oils from restaurants and kitchen facilities.

Now that our transport trucks and farm equipment are bullfrogpowered with green fuel, Bullfrog ensures that green fuel is added into the Canadian fuel system to match our purchase. This displaces conventional fuel and shrinks our carbon footprint.

In 2021, we added nearly 28,000 litres of green fuel to Canada’s fuel system!

Why do we choose green energy?

Climate change affects everyone, and the agricultural sector is particularly vulnerable to extreme weather events and changes in temperature and precipitation. Canada is already experiencing an increased likelihood of wildfires and flooding, and future droughts are projected to be more frequent and intense.

Agriculture is not a blameless victim here. In Canada, agriculture produces 8% of greenhouse gas emissions. That make it our third most emissions-intensive sector, after energy and transport.

It’s our responsibility to lessen our impact on the Earth and ensure that food and health product production remains stable for future generations. That’s why we choose low-carbon fuel for our transport trucks and farm equipment.

What else are we doing to make Natural Factors more sustainable?

In addition to bullfrogpowering our vehicles, we offset other sources of greenhouse gases through Less Emissions. With these high-quality carbon offsets, we balance our emissions with carbon reductions from a Canadian landfill gas capture project.

We offset 4,121 tonnes of emissions in 2021 to account for our third-party shipping, paper, waste, energy usage, and flights. We’re happy to do our part to lessen our environmental impact and help build a greener, more sustainable future for Canada.

Learn more about Bullfrog Power’s green energy here.