3 Common Healthy Eating Mistakes to Avoid

3 Common Healthy Eating Mistakes to Avoid

Along with what you put on your plate, healthy eating requires sound choices on how you purchase and use food. Unfortunately, some healthy choices are not as upstanding as you may think. In fact, they could be some of your worst offenders.

Here are three tips to help you avoid common, but “not-so-obvious,” healthy eating mistakes:

1. Deceptive Packaging Detection

Colorful Cereal Boxes with Nutrition Labels on White Background.

Don’t judge a food by its package. Crafty labeling and wholesome sounding claims can make it hard to distinguish true, healthy foods from imposters. This makes it easy for added sweeteners, sodium, artificial colors, or other additives to sneak their way into your diet more often than you’d expect.

When buying a new product, read the full ingredients list and Nutrition Facts label to confirm that it actually fits your dietary needs.

2. Skipping Meals Does Not Support Weight Loss

Skipping Meals Does Not Equate to Weight Loss

You splurged at breakfast, so skipping lunch should get you back on track, right? Not so fast!

Skipping a meal is a recipe for low energy and fatigue – not to mention a better chance that you’ll make poor food choices later in the day.

Besides, studies show that people who regularly skip breakfast tend to have more body fat than those who don’t [1].

3. Food Should Not Be a Reward

Food Should Not Be a Reward

Go ahead and reward your accomplishments in pursuit of a healthier diet – just not with food.

Although the science behind food rewards is not cut and dry, it does show that rewarding behaviour with food alters neural pathways and dopamine signalling in the brain.

A safer alternative is to choose rewards that reinforce your healthy behaviors, such as an afternoon out with friends, a new book, or a massage.

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