5 Reasons to Eat Watermelon

Watermelon evokes the perfect summer day; golden sunlight, green grass, the smell of sunscreen, and the refreshing splash of the lake. From hydration to heart health, here are 5 reasons to eat watermelon at your next picnic or party, or as your new summer snack:

1. Hydration

Eating a slice of watermelon is basically like having a glass of water (they’re 90% H2O, after all). Not only that, this hydrating snack also contains electrolytes, important minerals that help your body keep the water it needs. Electrolytes are an often-overlooked part of staying properly hydrated, especially in the sweaty summer months. Snacking on watermelon is a tasty way to ensure your body is getting the electrolytes it needs.

2. Nutrition

Watermelon may be 90% water, but the other 10% is full of nourishing goodies – a fair size wedge of watermelon can contain about a third of the vitamin A and C you need daily. Sounds pretty good, right? Add in B vitamins, copper, magnesium, and plenty of fibre, and watermelon is a treasure trove of nutrition. Plus, it’s extremely low in calories. Don’t forget to eat the seeds –  they’re a valuable source of zinc and iron.

3. Antioxidants

From vitamins A and C to a wealth of phytonutrients, watermelon is one juicy antioxidant bomb. The antioxidants in watermelon fight free radicals throughout your body, protecting your cells, supporting healthy inflammatory processes and your body’s systems.

4. Heart Health

If you’ve heard of the antioxidant lycopene, you’re likely thinking about tomatoes right now, but watermelon also contains a lot of this beneficial phytonutrient – that’s where the red hue comes from. You can thank lycopene for fending off free radicals and promoting cardiovascular health. For the best benefits, be sure your watermelon is quite ripe, as lycopene is highly concentrated in ripe fruit. Watermelon is also high in potassium, a mineral vital to healthy heart function.

5. Taste!

This should really be number one, because a truly healthy diet is also one you enjoy, and watermelon was made for your taste buds!

Eat watermelon the same way you embrace other pleasures in life – with plenty of enthusiasm, and good friends.