Recipe: Cherry Banana Dairy-Free Ice Cream

cherry and banana dairy free ice cream

Low-fat dairy products are reliable sources of essential vitamins and minerals – but they’re not for everyone. Some people suffer from lactose intolerance, making dairy products uncomfortable to digest [1]. Also, if you’re prone to non-cystic acne, you may notice that consuming milk products can trigger breakouts [2]. No matter the reason, when you’re committed to more…

Healthy Summer Living: How to Beat the Heat

Healthy summer living

In many places, this summer has been a scorcher. Like, frying-eggs-on-the-hood-of-your-car kind of hot. If you haven’t had moments when you’re sick of sweating, feel too hot to eat, or are positive your brain cells are literally melting, congrats – either your air conditioner works, or you’ve already figured out how to keep cool and more…

5 Reasons to Eat Watermelon

watermelon slices

Watermelon evokes the perfect summer day; golden sunlight, green grass, the smell of sunscreen, and the refreshing splash of the lake. From hydration to heart health, here are 5 reasons to eat watermelon at your next picnic or party, or as your new summer snack.

The Truth about Good Fat

healthy fatty foods

I’m always surprised, and disappointed, to see egg white omelettes featured in the “Healthy Options” section of restaurant menus. We all know that egg yolks are being left out because of their fat content, but why is this still happening? Clearing up the Confusion around Good Fat The notion that fat makes us fat, or that more…

Cabbage: What Is It Good For?

Cabbage is one sophisticated vegetable. It’s used in many traditional recipes throughout the world and is a powerful source of nutrients. As part of the Brassica family, cabbage provides some of the same benefits as broccoli and cauliflower — but at a much more affordable price. If you’ve yet to get yourself acquainted with this more…