ISURA® means Certified Clean


“ISURA conducts the most rigorous testing in the world on natural health products, providing consumers’ confidence that the ISURA-approved products they use are safe, effective, free of contaminants, and meet label claims.” – Chuck Chang, Laboratory Director, ISURA

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Q: Why was ISURA created?

Our clients’ customers are everyday consumers, like you and me, who want to lead healthy lives and want to know that the natural health and food products they use are safe and that what’s on the label is what’s in the bottle. We also want to be assured that the natural health and food products they’re buying and the ingredients in them are authentic, as pure and contaminant free as possible, and responsibly manufactured wherever they come from across the globe.

Q: What does ISURA do?

ISURA uses comprehensive analytical testing and is audited regularly to ensure that we stay up-to-date and meet global standards set by the International Organization for Standards (ISO). ISO is recognized worldwide as the largest developer of voluntary international standards and we worked hard to achieve this accreditation.

Q: Tell us about your testing methods.

ISURA tests the raw materials and ingredients that our clients use to make their natural health and food products, and confirm that they are what they say they are (authentication/ ingredient identification), that they are pure (do not contain pesticides, solvent residues, genetically modified organisms [GMOs], heavy metals, etc.), that they are potent (potency is consistent with the label), and that they are made in a safe, reliable way (manufacturers follow cGMP – current good manufacturing practices).

Q: What equipment do you use at ISURA?

At ISURA we utilize state-of-the-art, high-performance equipment to analyze raw materials and ingredients. We use CSI-sounding equipment and techniques like mass spectrometry, nuclear magnetic resonance, and DNA sequencing amongst others. We also examine samples with lasers, plasmas, chromatography, mass analyzers, visible light, ultraviolet light, infrared light, and under fluorescent light. And our lab staff are specialists in analyzing natural health and food products.


Q: Tell us about the work ISURA does with universities and governments around the world.

ISURA is proud to collaborate with university researchers and government scientists to develop better ways to ensure that our natural health products are non-GMO compliant, tested for contaminants and adulterants, authentic, and accurately labeled.

Q: Why should I care about contamination? Aren’t all natural health products safe?

I can assure you that products with the ISURA seal on the label are safe and are what the label says they are, but unfortunately that isn’t always true of all products. The raw materials and ingredients for natural health and food products come from all over the world and in order to be sure that our clients’ products are safe, healthy, and effective – they need to be analyzed and tested – and that’s where ISURA comes in. Whether a product is made from seeds, leaves, or other parts of a plant; whether they are from sustainably harvested fish; whether they are an oil, a tincture, powdered, or in a capsule – ISURA tests them all. The ISURA seal on the label verifies the safety, quality, and integrity of the natural health and food products inside the bottle!

Q: How do I know a product is certified clean by ISURA?

Look for this ISURA seal of approval on product labels.
By looking for the ISURA seal on the label of a natural health or food product, you know that the raw materials and ingredients in that product have been tested and confirmed to be pure, potent, high quality, and accurately labeled.