4 Uses for Coconut Oil

coconut and jar of coconut oil

Outrageous claims about the benefits of coconut oil abound on the internet, ranging from falsehoods about it being a cure for serious disease, to its ability to resurrect your dead dog (OK, so this was a tongue-in-cheek piece in a literary journal). There’s no doubt, though, that coconut oil does have some great health benefits.

Recipe: Purple Cabbage Coleslaw

Summer is here!  This means fun recipes you can cook for yourself or share with your family.  Cooking with organic materials helps to avoid some of the pesticides and hormones that may be added into the growing process [1].  Although organic food costs a little extra, it’s a good feeling to know you’re eating straight more…

5 Healthy Summer Activities

family paddle boarding

The summer sun can bring out our indulgent side, leading to weeks spent indulging in such activities as: beers on a breezy patio, ice creams by the ocean, and lounging in the garden with a cocktail or two. While your body may be busy synthesizing vitamin D while you’re lazily drinking up the sun, the temptation to be more sedentary during these months can have an impact on your health and fitness later on.

Exfoliation and Your Skin

jar of exfoliator

The skin’s cells are in constant turnover, but the rate of replacement for dead and dysfunctional cells slows down with age. For someone in their twenties this process takes an average of 20 days. For someone in their mid-forties, the same cell turnover process takes about 40 days. As we age, it takes longer to more…

Good to Grill! Lentil Kebabs

Summer is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy a delicious barbequed meal with family and friends. Instead of the ‘ole cheeseburger standby, try taking a meatless spin on the BBQ by grilling up these kebabs. Made with lentils, they are a great vegetarian source of protein, iron, and fibre, and the combination of more…

Homegrown Herbs: Our Top Picks

  When Simon & Garfunkel sang about parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme, they weren’t thinking about your kitchen – but maybe they should have been! Herbs are a fantastic way to add flavor and nutrients to any meal, but fresh herbs can be pricey at the grocery store. Growing your own is affordable, convenient, and more…