The Keto-Supplement Connection

NF Keto Diet

As the ketogenic (keto) diet continues to gain momentum, you may be curious about embracing this high-fat, low-carb, moderate-protein lifestyle. While it may not be suitable for everyone, there are many health benefits associated with this lifestyle:

  • Healthy weight management*
  • Cardiovascular support*
  • Blood sugar support already within the normal range*
  • Brain health*
  • Mental clarity*
  • Energy revitalization*

There is a wealth of information readily available about the keto lifestyle but one aspect not widely discussed is the important role supplementation may play as you adopt this diet. Check with your health professional if a ketogenic diet is right for you.



Ketosis is when your body burns fat (ketones) for energy instead of carbs (glucose). The transition from relying on carbs to fat can be difficult and can impact overall health and well-being.*

To successfully transition into and maintain a keto lifestyle, it’s important to give your body the support it needs beyond just “keto-approved” foods. Proper supplementation can play a very complementary role and help mitigate many of the temporary negative effects that may surface:

  • The keto “flu”
  • Electrolyte imbalance
  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • Digestive discomfort
  • Too much protein

The keto diet need not be difficult! This guide will show you how to overcome each of the above noted temporary effects and how complementary nutritional interventions can help you enjoy a smooth, successful keto lifestyle.*



The keto “flu” is by no means a true flu, but many experience flu-like symptoms during the first 5–7 days of the transition to keto. These symptoms may include occasional headaches, nausea, and fatigue and are a result of the body adapting to a carb-limited diet.

Helpful Supplements

WellBetX® Berberine and Apple Cider Vinegar support a smoother transition to the keto diet. Stress-Relax® Suntheanine® and Tranquil Sleep® help reduce stress and support a good night’s sleep, both important for a successful transition into ketosis!*



As carb intake decreases, your body temporarily loses key electrolytes through your urine. Electrolytes play an important role for the cells, especially those of the nerve, heart, and muscle. Cells use them to carry electrical impulses (e.g., nerve impulses, muscle contractions) across themselves and to other cells. Supplementation can help restore and maintain electrolyte balance, which is critical to well-being.*

Helpful Supplements

A few drops of Whole Earth & Sea® Deep Ocean Minerals provides a concentrated source of essential minerals and trace elements! Magnesium Bisglycinate 200 mg is a pure, gentle source of magnesium.


Restrictive diets can result in temporary nutritional inadequacies. With the keto diet specifically, the most common dietary inadequacies include vitamins A, B, D, and E; selenium, choline, chromium, iodine, magnesium, and molybdenum.*

Helpful Supplements

A complete multivitamin/mineral helps ensure these nutritional pitfalls are avoided. Fresh from Natural Factors Farms, each age- and gender-specific Whole Earth & Sea® Multivitamin & Mineral provides meaningful levels of key nutrients.*



One of the primary challenges for many people on the ketogenic diet is temporary constipation. This is because the diet is typically low in fiber. For this reason, supplemental fiber is an important addition to support healthy regularity and general well-being.*

Helpful Supplements

Organic Low FODMAP Reliefiber™ provides 5 g of soothing fiber while super fiber PGX® exponentially increases the benefits of fiber. Digestive enzymes, such as Keto Paleo MacroGest® and High Potency Multi-Enzyme, also help with gastrointestinal comfort as they offer help digest high-fat and high-protein foods.*



Eating too much protein for a prolonged period can burden your kidneys, liver, and bones. Excess protein results in high levels of omega-6. Maintaining a healthy balance of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids is important for good health.*

Helpful Supplements

While the majority of the positive research on omega-3 fatty acids EPA & DHA, which are found in RxOmega-3 and SeaRich®, has focused on cardiovascular health, these critical fats have also been shown to support kidney, liver, and bone health.*

Sustainable plant proteins, such as those found in Whole Earth & Sea® 100% Fermented Organic Protein & Greens, also help balance out the effects of excess omega-6 levels.*


A keto diet can offer so many health benefits, and the right supplements can help fuel your keto success!

Note: The ketogenetic diet is not for everyone. Checking with your health professional before and during your keto journey is encouraged.


Ketones are byproducts of fat breakdown and become the main fuel source on a keto diet. Your brain actually prefers to run on ketones!

This clean fuel source is one of the main reasons you’ll experience mental clarity and greater cognitive performance. Individual results may vary.