Vitamin Angels & the Power of Vitamins


Vitamin Angels & the Power of Vitamins

All over the globe mothers and children are at risk for malnutrition; this coupled with extreme poverty, unbearable living conditions and a lack of resources takes a devastating toll on their survival rate. Luckily, there is a small, dedicated group of people working hard to provide support to those without access to proper nutrition.

Vitamins Angels is a non-profit organization that provides nutritional support to over 40 million children and mothers in need, in over 50 countries world wide. Some of the most critical vitamins they provide include:

  • Vitamin A – An essential nutrient not naturally produced in the body. Over 150 millions children do not have access to Vitamin A.
  • Prenatal Vitamins – Essential for both the mother’s increased nutritional needs, and the baby’s ongoing growth and development.
  • Multivitamins – Staple foods such as rice and corn are filling and affordable, but lack essential nutrients. Multivitamins help fill in the nutritional gaps for children living off staple foods.

Natural Factors: A Proud Supporter

Since 2007 Natural Factors has been a supporter of Vitamin Angels, happily making an annual donation of Vitamin A. We’re proud to say that with our support, Vitamin Angels has been able to provide Vitamin A to over 4 million children annually.

To learn more about the incredible work Vitamin Angels is doing all over the world, or to donate, please visit their website.