BioSil® 5mg Liquid Capsules

BioSil® 5mg Liquid Capsules

60 Liquid Capsules (SKU BM9187), 30 Liquid Capsules (SKU BM9189)

Healthy skin, thick hair, and strong nails depend on three proteins: collagen, keratin, and elastin. They are known as your Beauty Proteins. With time, aging skin, brittle hair, and split nails increase.

The three Beauty Proteins consist of:

  • Collagen “plumps out” skin, helping to reduce wrinkles and prevent wrinkles from forming.* In addition, collagen is essential for strong bones and healthy joints.*
  • Keratin is the protein that’s packed into your hair shaft. It helps to give you long thick hair with plenty of body, strength, and elasticity.* Plus, keratin helps you grow strong nails.*
  • Elastin improves skin elasticity, the ability to “bounce back,” and prevents fine lines and wrinkles from forming.*
  • Award-winning BioSil® is specifically formulated to help nourish your body’s 3 Beauty Proteins and restore them to more youthful levels.*With clinically studied ch-OSA®, your body is able to generate and protect its own collagen.

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    Suggested Use

    Take 1 capsule, two times daily.

    Beauty Support Bone Health Joint & Mobility Men's Health Women's Health BioSil®

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