CurcuminRich® Memory Curcumizer®

High Absorption Curcumin

CurcuminRich® Memory Curcumizer®

High Absorption Curcumin

60 Vegetarian Capsules (SKU 4553)

Curcumin is the yellow pigment in turmeric with many valued health benefits, but it is difficult for the body to absorb.
Theracurmin is a natural curcumin preparation that utilizes advanced techniques to reduce curcumin’s particle size, dramatically increasing its solubility and bioavailability. Detailed absorption studies have proven that Theracurmin is the best-absorbed form of curcumin on the market.

Memory Curcumizer combines Theracurmin with key brain support nutrients – bacopa, celery, green tea, resveratrol, and a bioactive form of quercetin called EMIQ to:

  • Optimize brain function*
  • Smooth neural pathways*
  • Protect cell membranes and regulate neurotransmitter function*
  • Support the body’s natural inflammatory response*
  • Exert powerful antioxidant activity*

    Scientific scrutiny revealed that Theracurmin was more bioavailable on a milligram-to-milligram basis than other leading** enhanced and regular forms of curcumin.
    **As measured by SPINS 2014 data.

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    Suggested Use

    2 capsules 2 times per day or as directed by a health professional.

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