PQQ 20 mg · Coenzyme Q10 200 mg ·


PQQ 20 mg · Coenzyme Q10 200 mg

60 Softgels (SKU 2619), 30 Softgels (SKU 2617)

PQQ, considered a novel cofactor with antioxidant and B vitamin-like activity, supports mitochondrial function.* PQQ and CoQ10 work together to promote antioxidant activity and mitochondrial health, providing multifunctional support for cardiovascular and neuro health.* BioPQQ is manufactured in Japan using a patented fermentation process. Natural Factors CoQ10 is also produced through fermentation, consisting only of the natural form trans isomer identical to the body’s own CoQ10.

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Suggested Use

1 softgel per day or as directed by a health professional.

Antioxidants Coenzyme Q10 Aging Healthfully Brain & Memory Health

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