10 Billion Active Cells of BB536® ·


10 Billion Active Cells of BB536®

60 vegetarian capsules (SKU 1812), 30 vegetarian capsules (SKU 1813)

Morinaga BB536 is a proprietary room-temperature stable strain of Bifidobacterium longum. It is one of the world’s most researched and effective probiotic strains, supported by over 50 published human clinical studies, and is Japan’s top-selling probiotic. Levels of Bifidobacterium decline with age, making supplementation important. Source of probiotics. Helps support intestinal/ gastrointestinal health.* Could promote a favorable gut flora.* Helps support healthy immune system function in senior citizens.*

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Suggested Use

1 capsule 1–6 times per day or as directed by a health professional.

Probiotics Digestive & Intestinal Health

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