Vegan Protein Factors®

, Vanilla Bean

Vegan Protein Factors®

Vanilla Bean

12 oz (SKU 2923)

Vegan Protein Factors® makes a delicious creamy shake that provides 22 grams of vegan protein. The proprietary formula contains the perfect blend of pea protein isolate, organic hemp protein, organic sprouted brown rice protein concentrate and non-GMO chia protein concentrate.

Highest Quality 100% Vegan Protein:

  • No artificial Sweeteners!
  • Dairy Free!
  • Gluten Free!
  • Soy Free!
  • Low in Fat!
  • Cholesterol Free!
  • High in protein: 22 grams per serving providing 44% of daily protein needs
  • Contains full range of essential amino acids
  • Mixes instantly
  • Highly digestible
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Suggested Use

Mix 2 scoops (46 g) in 8 fl. oz. or more of cold water, nut or grain milk (rice, soy or almond) and shake in a shaker cup or blend with ice in a blender. Use 2 scoops per day or as directed by a health professional.

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