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Plan Bee: The Factors Farms® Apiary

Natural Factors

Plan Bee: The Factors Farms® Apiary

Bee the change!

Did you know that we are currently witnessing a global collapse of honeybee populations? There are many causes for this, but unfortunately, most are the result of the actions of humans. Honeybees play a huge role in our ecosystems, and we believe that we all have a role to play in helping save these dwindling populations. Here at Natural Factors, we partake in processes and programs that help honeybees thrive, not only on our farms, but all over the world as well. 

On Factors Farms, a collection of hives and colonies, also known as an apiary, is operated by a local beekeeper, and our relationship with these honeybees is truly symbiotic. By keeping our farms pesticide-free, the honeybees, along with other natural pollinators like butterflies, beetles, and bumblebees, are able to thrive! In turn, this thriving population acts as a significant pollinator, which leads to an increased yield from our crops. By maintaining wildflowers near our crops, and providing them with other nutrient-rich habitats, not only do we benefit from crop pollination, but we also aid in a simple way the reduction of pollinator decline!   


A bee site on a bright pink echinacea flower

In order to contribute to the health of the global bee population, Natural Factors has been an active member of the International Bee Research Association (IBRA) since 1997. This charity promotes the value of bees and provides information on bee science and beekeeping worldwide. We are proud to say that alongside them, we have conducted years of in-depth apicultural studies in order to help the shrinking bee populations.  

Here at Natural Factors, we know the important role honeybees play in ecosystems all over the world. Helping contribute to the health of local bee populations and doing what we can to help mitigate the impact on bees globally are things we care deeply about. Say it with us, “save the bees!” 

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