Who We Are and Why Join Us?

Here at Natural Factors, we have a passion for delivering the very best and most effective natural products and vitamins. Since the 1960’s our team keeps on growing to the point that we’ve become one of the largest manufacturers of natural supplements in all of North America. We are always expanding and have extensive opportunities in many different fields including:

  • State of the art research and quality labs
  • Industry-leading lean six sigma manufacturing groups
  • In-house multi-channel marketing teams
  • Global demand planning and procurement teams

If you are interested in joining our team, check out what positions we have open right now or keep on reading about what makes Natural Factors different.

Rodelio (pictured at left) accepting a Core Values award for Hard Work / Balanced Life.

Employees can be nominated and recognized for our Core Values.

Employees can be nominated and recognized for our Core Values.

Winners receive rewards such as back packs, gift cards and apple tv’s.

Winners receive rewards such as back packs, gift cards and apple tv’s.

The Culture at Natural Factors

Part of what makes Natural Factors a great place to work is our employees. We are extremely proud that we get to routinely celebrate 10, 15, and 20+ year career anniversaries with our colleagues. Our community of employees is very diverse yet we have the same core values in common.

As a company we are committed to:

  • Providing our employees with opportunities to express their ambition and give everyone room to grow
  • Making sure people feel valued, appreciated and empowered
  • Upholding our Core Values and recognizing when our employees exemplify those values in their work
  • Making sure fun is a part of our workday, too

Employees shopping for boxes of pears that were hand-picked from our organic orchard harvest.

Community events are sponsored including the Grouse Grind, and Sky Valley Classic.

Community events are sponsored including the Grouse Grind, and Sky Valley Classic.

Staff appreciation lunches, themes vary throughout the year.

Staff appreciation lunches, themes vary throughout the year.

Annual draws for trips, winner chooses their destination!

Employee discounts, and free supplements up to $200/year.

Professional development and education training provided.

Free employee family activities, choice of ziplining, water parks, restaurants, and more.

The Company received the UBC Science Co-op Employer Recognition Award, for providing outstanding opportunities to Co-op students.

Events and Activities

There’s always something happening at Natural Factors! We sponsor and participate in many employee-focused events such as:

  • Free employee appreciation lunches with homemade soups, pasta and chili dishes as well as local food truck events
  • Summer picnics and other employee appreciation events
  • Annual participation and sponsorship in the Grouse Grind Challenge and the Vancouver Sun Run
  • On-site health and wellness education sessions
  • Harvest days where employees receive discounts on  organically grown produce, straight from our farms

At events where meals or snacks are provided, vegetarian and vegan options are always offered.

“This is a truly unique company without equivalent anywhere in the world.” Jan Slama, Research Scientist & Educator

“It has been a pleasure being part of the Factors’ Team for the past 20 years and to see it become one of the most respected and well-known companies internationally.” Christophe Moreira, Director, International Export

“This is a dynamic, multi-faceted environment which has fostered a unique personal growth, likely unattainable in any other company.” Ted Wong, VP Accounting

The Core Values That Drive Us All Forward

Our Core Values represent the ideals that we live by and the virtues that we aspire towards. We share our future, whatever it holds. It will be only as bright as we want it to be. Recognizing our values as a group today, helps us unite in our efforts moving forward.

Hard Work / Balanced Life Have health at heart always. A balanced life means a healthy life both at home and at work.

Industry-leading Quality & Service Have the highest standards in the quality of products we make, and the service we provide. Period.

Innovation & Imagination Have the culture to foster ideas, and the support to allow them to grow.

Integrity in Leadership Be leaders by example, striving always to have a positive effect on others.

Sustainability Be shepherds of the Earth, valued members of the community, and fiscally responsible, now and into the future: Planet, People, Profit.

Continuous Improvement Do not be content with yesterday’s achievements.

Passion Your passion will radiate the importance and value of our work and our goals to others.

Employee Benefits and Wellness

We recognize that working at a company can be a very large part of one’s life, but it shouldn’t be all encompassing. To help ensure our employees have a solid foundation for their lives inside and outside of our facilities, we offer many benefits and wellness programs** such as:

  • Extended medical and dental benefits
  • BC MSP (for employees in British Columbia)
  • RRSP / 401K
  • Personal spending account
  • Health care spending account
  • Fitness centre (location specific)
  • Education reimbursements
  • In-house professional development
  • Complimentary wellness & education sessions
  • Paid wellness time
  • Paid vacation time
  • Confidential employee assistance program
  • Public transportation reimbursements
  • In-house company product discount
  • Free parking

** Some benefits may vary based on location, years of service and role within the company.

Our Hiring Process

Once you have found a job posting for which you’d like to apply, here are some tips and guidance on what you can expect when interviewing for a position at Natural Factors.

  1. Apply Online To uphold our Sustainability Core Value, we have a paperless application system. Simply visit our career portal, complete your application and upload your resume online.
  1.  Arrive Early, Not “On Time” We operate secure facilities which require us to register all visitors to our offices. Please arrive early to your appointment to make sure you have enough time to register for your visit.
  1. Relax and Be Yourself A career is a relationship between you and the company. Be yourself and answer honestly. We are a large company with several opportunities.  By getting to know you well, we can better find the right fit for you.