Patience Lister

Patience Lister is a Vancouver, B.C. based freelance writer specializing in food and natural health products. She has been writing and conducting research for these sectors since 2005 with a particular focus on nutrition and quality.

Articles by Patience Lister

Whole Food Plant-based Diet

Plant-based diets are gaining a lot of attention from the medical community. With so many compelling reasons to replace the animal products and processed foods in your meals, it is a great time to shift toward a whole food, plant-based diet.

Nutrients for Brain Health

Do you eat the right foods to feed your brain? Just like the rest of your body, your brain needs carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water to function normally. A key part of supporting brain health is eating a wide variety of “brain foods.”

5 Healthy Lifestyle Changes

When it comes to your health, your lifestyle choices are much more dominant than your genes. It’s always a good time to adopt new habits to improve your well-being.

How to develop a New Year’s theme that works for you

Fewer than half of New Year’s resolutions are successful within the first six months of the year. The problem is that typical resolutions are too concrete, making them difficult to stick to. “Lose 20 lbs”, “exercise more”, “spend less money”; whatever it may be, many resolutions don’t have the wiggle room to accommodate real life. And this can be a set-up for disappointment.

8 Effortless Tips to Manage Family and Work Stress

Feeling the pressure of family and work stress? The stress of maintaining a challenging career with demanding expectations can put significant strains on family life and relationships. If this sounds all too familiar, you aren’t alone. More than one in every four Canadian workers report finding even a regular day “quite a bit” or “extremely” more…

Summer Produce: A Fresh, Delicious, Vibrant Feast!

North American summer produce is truly one of the best parts of the season! The longer days and warmer weather bring a peak variety of local fruits and vegetable to market. It’s your best time to savor the sweetness of stone fruits, load up on fragrant herbs, and appease fickle summer appetites with thirst-quenching salads more…

Natural Household Cleaners: 3 Recipes

It’s nice to have a clean home—but does it make sense to remove dirt, grease and grime simply to replace it with something that’s more harmful? If your commercial cleaning products contain ingredients such as phosphates, synthetic fragrances, silica powder, triclosan, or others, it’s time to think about switching to natural household cleaners [1]. There are more…