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We go above and beyond to ensure the product you're purchasing is of the utmost quality; learn how!

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Not all fish oils are created equal, but do you know what separates good from great? There are many things to consider when purchasing a fish oil supplement. Is the product fresh, does it contain standardized levels of EPA and DHA, is it certified contaminant free by a third party? Not only do Natural Factors omega-3 oils guarantee all of this, but we also go above and beyond in ensuring the quality of the final product of our oils by using a very special and unique process called blanketing.

What is Fish Oil Blanketing and Why is it Important? 

We all have memories of our parents forcing spoonsful of pungent cod liver oil down our throats. While these may not be our most fond memories, we can all look back now and know our parents had our health and wellness in mind. Here at Natural Factors we not only care about your health and wellness, we also care about your experience, and we are happy to say that the days of unpleasant cod liver oil are over!  We believe that you deserve to enjoy the process of caring for your health, and that’s why we take pride in our fish oils being some of the best tasting on the market.

How do we ensure that your daily dose will taste delicious every time? By using a process called blanketing. Fish oils dispensed and encapsulated at our facilities are protected from oxidation by replacing the available oxygen with nitrogen at all stages of the process in which the oil is exposed to oxygen. This prevents oxidation that can cause breakdowns of bonds in the fatty acid molecules, causing the oil to become rancid, leading to an off-putting fishy taste and odor. This strategy is an effective measure in reducing the rate of oxidation and thus ensures that fish oil remains stable during the dispensing, blending and encapsulation processes. 

Fish oil blanketing is a great example of how Natural Factors goes above and beyond to ensure the product you’re purchasing is of the utmost quality.

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