Stephanie Rubino, ND

Dr. Rubino is a well-respected licensed naturopathic doctor who operates a general naturopathic practice with a focus on women’s health, perinatal care, stress, and digestive health. Stephanie specializes in educating the public and other health professionals.

Articles by Stephanie Rubino, ND

How to Optimize Your Hormones: PMS to Fertility

Hormones are always working to support a balanced and healthy life. Our growth and development, metabolism, sexual function, blood sugar balance, reproduction, and mood are regulated by our hormones.

Revitalize Your Metabolism with Healthy Eating

Ever wonder how you can revitalize your metabolism? Although many people believe boosting their metabolism can lead to weight loss and other health benefits, there are many factors to consider. Let’s explore what metabolism is and how healthy eating can influence this vital life mechanism.

Best Supplements for Joint Health

As we respect physical distancing measures, it is crucial to find ways to support our bodies and our quality of life. You might also consider the benefits of natural health products to support healthy joints as research has shown that a number of supplements help reduce joint pain and inflammation.