Spring Forward Into Wellness

We’re on the threshold of spring. Can you feel it? There’s a little more light each day, a little more warmth. The earth is starting to wake up from its winter slumber. You might be feeling the inklings of new possibilities stirring inside as well, like little green shoots getting ready to sprout.


Winter is a quieter, more introverted time, as the shorter days and colder weather tend to make us less active. It’s restful and restorative at best, but can also feel stagnant and lonely. This winter has been especially isolating for many of us, as it’s been difficult to socialize safely while indoors.

But as the weather warms up, we can look forward to getting outdoors and seeing a little more of the world, including safely visiting with friends outside. Let’s take advantage of that fresh spring energy to shake off our stagnation and shift into a more active gear. Here are a few simple springtime rituals that can help our bodies and minds get in sync with nature’s quickening.


Wake Up Earlier

It’s easy to hide under the covers when it’s dark and cold. But now the sun’s rising sooner, and the morning is full of excited bird chatter. Don’t be left out. Leave a bedroom window shade open, and let the natural light in to help wake you up. Get up a little earlier, and give yourself time for a relaxed morning ritual that lets you soak in the light. Enjoy a mug of tea by a sunny window or out on the porch, where you can hear the birds. Exposure to natural light helps regulate our circadian rhythms and triggers the release of serotonin for an energizing morning mood boost.


Get Those Garden Greens

Nothing captures the fresh, vibrant energy of spring like new, green plant growth, and you can absorb that energy directly by eating those garden greens. Whether you tend your own garden or shop at a local farmers’ market, make a point of adding fresh seasonal greens to your meals. Young baby leaf greens and microgreens are packed with nutrients and are easy to incorporate into salads, sandwiches, hot meals, or smoothies. A daily green smoothie is a great way to nourish your body with a nutritious energy boost, and the fiber helps support the digestive system.*


Take a Nature Walk

Take advantage of the warming weather to get outdoors, move your body more, and enjoy the beauty of nature. Seeing the new budding growth on the trees, breathing in the fresh air, and smelling the grass is naturally uplifting and will make you feel more connected to the season. It can be as simple as a daily afternoon walk around a tree-lined block, or you can take a weekend hike to see the new wildflowers blossom. But make a point of getting out regularly. A walk-and-talk date with a friend is a safe way to socialize and can add some extra motivation.


These simple, seasonal rituals should put an extra spring in your step as we move into a new cycle of growth.